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Cocktail Generator with Vliegtickets.nl

What better way to spend your holiday pay then on an actual holiday? Together with Towel Media, we launched a campaign for Vliegtickets.nl and Vliegtickets.be to celebrate the fact that people in the Netherlands and Belgium received their holiday pay. Through a custom made cocktail generator people could find out what cocktail-type they were and how this corresponded to specific travel locations. Got inspired? Time to book a vacation to your personal location, of course with Vliegtickets!

Time to book a vacation with your holiday pay!

Campaign Outlines

Together with Towel Media, we shaped the campaign outlines for the Cocktailgenerator campaign. Not only were we involved in the design of the whole campaign, we were also responsible for designing and building the actual Cocktailgenerator. We launched a new website, where people were able to fill in the generator and find out what kind of cocktailtype they were. Based on their cocktailtype, they received different suggestions of vacation locations that suited with their cocktail. Seeing a destination you like? We also made it easy for people to book their vacation right away with Vliegtickets.


Campaign Outlines

Together with Towel Media we designed and shaped the Cocktailgenerator-campaign

Web Design & Development

Building a custom-made website with the Cocktailgenerator

Adaptive & Sequential Social Advertising

Getting people to fill in the Cocktailgenerator in Belgium


Campaign Results




Belgian website visitors


Online reach in Belgium

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