Year of the Play with EasyToys

The Year of the PLAY by EasyToys is all about playing your way! And by playing, we of course mean everything that has to do with … It is about pleasure, it is intimate, it brings people together and often puts a smile on our face. It means experimenting, learning and enjoying. Playing together, sharing magical moments together, that is what we love. Whether we do it alone, with our partners, our lovers or our flirts, we love to do it.

To generate awareness for the kick-off of EasyToy’ year long Year of the PLAY campaign The Pool was asked to launch a social media campaign.

The kick-off for a year long campaign

Campaign Strategy & Services

The aim of the campaign was to generate as much awareness as possible through social media for the new Year of the Play campaign of EasyToys. To be able to advertise for EasyToys on very strict social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram we used an old trick that worked before: we created new social media accounts for the campaign and EasyToys launched a separate campaign landing page. This enabled us to bypass the strict profanity filters of the platforms and be able to launch the campaign.


Conversion Driven Media Strategy

Branding driven and performance focused

Social Media Advertising

On Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

Custom dashboarding

Creating valuable and actionable marketing insights

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