Destination unknown

Social Activation with is different from other travel companies. With this organization you do not know in advance which destination you are going to visit. Step out of your comfort zone, let yourself be surprised and go on a journey without having arranged anything. … This makes the whole trip a surprise.

In May of 2018 the branding of got a big polish with a sleek new house style including logo and website. In order to add extra force to this radical event, the social content of had to be reactivated, and we took care of that.

Uninhibited content

Campaign Strategy & Services

The focus of the collaboration was on creating a social strategy plus matching social content that fits the brand and its core values. has been an odd man out in the travel industry since its inception, offering trips to unknown destinations. We have included the uninhibited character of the travelers in the strategy and communications.


Content Strategy

Aligning the social content with the target audience

Social Media Strategy

Distributing social content on a daily basis.

Video production

Creating social video content.

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