Awesome hygiene-content

Setting up ThePhonelab’s knowledgebase

With seven branches in the Netherlands, ThePhoneLab is the fastest growing repair and service provider for mobile phones in the Netherlands. The PhoneLab is characterized by its good and fast service, competitive prices and partnerships with most major electronics manufacturers. To improve online findability, they called in the help of The Pool.

Answering pressing questions

Campaign Strategy & Services

To increase findability we started a knowledgebase and filled it with high quality hygiene-content. Based on keyword research, we have determined a big set of questions that is looked for a lot by Dutch consumers. By writing detailed articles answering those questions we were able to boost organic traffic. The blog articles were also posted on ThePhoneLab’s social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.


Content Strategy

Creating brand awareness through well-written content


Writing high-quality hygiene-content.

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