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SEO Strategy in short.🤏

Creating continuous Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and thus ensure better findability of your company or services starts with setting up the right SEO strategy. To create the best SEO, it is not only important to let your content be relevant for your target audience, there is also a technical side to it. Both the content aspect as well as the technical SEO aspects are covered within the SEO Strategy. The SEO strategy includes a thorough data analysis based on various data sources and tooling, a SEO keyword and content research and a technical SEO deep dive.

SEO Strategy by The Pool.⚡️

Our data nerdy folks analyze all important keywords for your company or brand with the help of various tools and ensure that our creative girls and blokes can translate these keywords into relevant content ideas. Besides that, our data nerdy folks will execute a technical analysis of the technical SEO of your website and offer improvement points. All these insights are bundled in a clear and actionable document on the basis of which your next SEO steps can be taken.

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