Communicating your key-massage through all relevant channels with a 360° strategy.💎

360° Strategy in short.🤏

A 360 ° marketing campaign is a creative marketing idea that involves all elements of your marketing mix. Such a campaign focuses on communicating the same message across all marketing channels. The campaign uses all promotional tools needed for your company, both online and offline, to effectively convey your message and create conversion or/and brand awareness. Nowadays, it is no longer profitable to use just one channel to look for potential customers.

360° Strategy by The Pool.⚡️

Within our 360° Strategy we have a close look at your positioning, key brand-message, target audience and current channel mix. Based on this research we craft a strategy that transcended marketing channels and is focused on creating an awesome marketing concept that will be loved by your target audience(s). We believe using  360° campaigns can  increase your brand awareness and optimise your conversion rate. We have a great track record in translating wild and creative ideas into feasible 360° marketing campaigns. Lastly we strongly believe in our method and that is why we also guarantee campaign targets.

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