Sauna 2.0

Full service marketing partner of is the largest booking platform in their industry. When they launched their platform in 2017, visiting a private sauna was quite unknown in the Netherlands but in recent years it’ popularity has grown rapidly. The platform now hosts more than 115 sauna units and more than 250.000 people use a private sauna every year. To create awareness about the private sauna concept and brand awareness and conversion for the platform, Special Moments Group enlisted the help of The Pool in 2018.

Activating people to try a private sauna 

Campaign Strategy & Services

The focus of the collaboration with in the early days was to create awareness around the concept of going to a private sauna. We did this by launching the Sauna Stories blog and paid- and organic social (video) content. Over the years we have built a loyal following on social media (Facebook & Instagram) and the focus of the collaboration is now on managing the social media channels and using performance focused social advertising. In addition, we use the mailing list of to keep loyal customers informed of the latest locations.

The platform and the number of customers has increased significantly in recent years and it seems that this is not going to stop either. With the growth in the number of customers, the marketing efforts are also growing, so that in recent years there was also room for branding campaigns on both social media and other channels such as outdoor and online media.


Social Strategy

Creating a loyal social following

E-mail marketing

Creating more conversion within existing customer segments

Dynamic Content Creation

Using data sources to create activating and dynamic ads


Writing the Sauna Stories blog articles

Social Advertising

on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

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