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Original Craftsman with TABAC

Together with TABAC we’ve launched their new fragrance; TABAC Original Craftsman. We’ve launched this new fragrance through a series of always-on and campaign flights throughout 2019. The collaboration with TABAC consisted of the FHM500 campaign where the new fragrance was launched, managing their social media accounts throughout the year and launching a big TV campaign in November.


Campaign Strategy & Services

Even though most people over 50 years old know the distinct scent of TABAC, the younger generation isn’t widely familiar with the TABAC brand. With the TABAC Original Craftsman product line, TABAC aims to reach and bind a younger target audience. The main goal of the collaboration therefore was to create campaigns that resonate with this younger audience.

On Facebook and Instagram we are creating and distributing content that is within the areas of interest of men between 25 and 55 years old such as movies & series, bikes & cars and eye-catching travel photography.

To give the Original Craftsman product line and the TABAC brand a big boost during the end of 2019, we’ve launched a big TV campaign within RTL Network where we’ve focused on men’s programming such as UEFA Europa League Football, Formula 1 and action movies. The TV campaign consisted of 15″ spots and 5″ billboards to maximize the brand awareness.


Campaign Strategy

Launching the Original Craftsmen on different male oriented touchpoints

Dynamic Content Creation

Creating multiple versions of content for advertisements


On social media and TV

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