Inspiring people with the new vision of Jobtraining

One Life. Own It. with Jobtraining

Jobtraining is an organization that provides learning programs in personal development for professionals. For a few years in a row, Jobtraining has been awarded as a FD Gazelle.

Jobtraining introduced a new vision and wanted to implement this in their communication resources. So, we developed a new marketing strategy for them, which included the re-design of the website, the creation of multiple videos and a complete make-over of their communication resources. Of course in the style of their new vision: One Life. Own It.

You only have one life, so own it! 

Campaign Strategy & Services

The main goal of this collaboration was to create conversions – so we made a conversion driven, online marketing strategy. To achieve this, we carried out different activities.

First of all, we designed a new and improved website for Jobtraining. We implemented the new corporate identity, the distribution between the two different programs and an optimal SEO structure in this website. The new website was accompanied with a Marketing and SEO Strategy, in which we advised Jobtraining about the content on their website and how to implement the new vision in their overall communication.

We also created new videos for Jobtraining. Besides the Touch-video, that introduced the new vision, we also made Tell-videos, in which the trainers of Jobtraining gave more information about the different learning programs. We used these videos as content for advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. With the advertising, we are able to reach the right target audience and create conversions for the learning programs of Jobtraining.


Campaign Strategy

Conversion driven media strategy and implementing the new vision of Jobtraining

Video creation

Designing and creating multiple branded videos

Web Design & Development

Creating and develop a whole new website for Jobtraining


Informing the target audience of Jobtraining about various developments

Content Creation & Management

Creating content for the website and the socials of Jobtraining

Adaptive & Sequential Social Advertising

On Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram

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