Your smartphone as a wallet

App downloads for the new OK-app

In-store mobile payments, couponing and customer cards. With the new OK-app for iPhone and Android, you can turn your smartphone into your wallet. To make The Netherlands familiar with the handy functionalities of the OK-app, Towel Media and The Pool were asked to create and distribute simple yet effective social ads.

Activating people download the OK-app 

Campaign Strategy & Services

To make sure lots of people were going to use the OK-app during the 2018 holiday shopping season we ran an end-of-the-year-campaign to generate lots of new app downloads. We used the simple and effective social video ads that Towel Media created. To boost the campaigns results and save money, we used dynamic content creation. This ensured that we only advertised the winning creatives amongst the best performing target audiences.


Campaign Strategy

Conversion driven media strategy

Dynamic Content Creation

Using data sources to create activating and dynamic ads

Adaptive & Sequential Social Advertising

on Facebook and Instagram

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