We use Touch-Tell-Sell or variations of this model as our primary marketing model. This model has two goals: conveying a message to many people (to increase brand awareness) and bringing people deep into the salesfunnel to realize conversions. Whether it is an online or offline sale, every piece of content works towards a conversion. By using this model we are able to increase brand awareness and conversion rates throughout our advertising campaigns.

Performance focused content funnel

The sweetspot between branding and conversion.🍭

In the touch layer, we use different branding channels as effectively as possible to reach new target audiences. A variety content that is tailor made is used in this layer. The purpose of the touch-layer is to uplift brand awareness and preference.

In the tell-layer, we use various paid and owned channels to provide existing and newly generated target audiences with more in-dept information about the unique selling points of your brand. The purpose of this layer is to generate relevant traffic and to realize (soft) conversion.

In the sell-layer, the warmest target audiences are (re)targeted through performance channels such as social retargeting. In this layer, attention is also paid to increasing the conversion on the website by means of conversion rate optimization.

Whether it is an online or offline conversion, every piece of content works towards the same goal.


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