6 Flemish influencers travel from Brussels to Barcelona

The Express with Mentos & TAGMAG

Hitchhiking from Brussels to Barcelona, without money or any form of luxury and only with backpack-gear and a GPS-tracker. That’s The Express 2019! In this online video series, two teams, the Challengers and the Insiders, compete against each other to be the first to arrive in Barcelona. Along the way they face different challenges they have to carry out. And the viewer? If they purchase a jar of Mentos chewing gum, they get a chance to win the jackpot of €5000.

From buying a jar of Mentos to winning a €5000-jackpot

Campaign Strategy & Services

To make The Express 2019 a real success, we teamed up with Towel Media, Mentos and TAGMAG. The main goal of this campaign was not only to make fun and attractive video-content for the viewer, but also activate them to buy a jar of Mentos Gum. That’s why we decided that it was essential that the content was shared on one of the most popular online platforms in Belgium: TAGMAG. Using the TAGMAG-platform, we were sure we would reach the right target audience. So, the TAGMAG-Insiders Jamie-Lee Six, Fabian Feyaerts and Ender Scholtens were challenged by the Challengers Joshua Feytons, Kastiop and Morgane Eyletten and they started their hitchhike-trip from Brussels to Barcelona. And while the viewer enjoys the adventures of their favorite YouTubers and influencers, they can win a €5000-jackpot. What they have to do? Just buy a jar of Mentos Gum!

But we also had to make sure that people would actually buy a jar of Mentos Gum and register themselves on the website. To achieve this, we first pushed the episodes of The Express on the YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels of TAGMAG. After that, we retargeted the target audience with an activation. With the combination of the online video series and the content that was focused on winning the €5000-jackpot, we were able to refer the target audience to the landingspage, where they could register to win that €5000-jackpot.


Campaign Strategy

Conversion driven media strategy including an online branded content video series

Adaptive & Sequential Social Advertising

On Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

Web Design & Development

Enabling people to register themselves to win the €5000-jackpot


Keeping people up-to-date about The Express 2019 and activate subscribers to buy Mentos Gum

Publisher partnership

Partnering up with TAGMAG, the most popular online platform in Belgium


Campaign Results


Views per episode


Total online video views


Online registrations

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