Building a meeting place for specialty cheese shops

Meesters van KALTBACH with Emmi

The Kaltbach cheeses from Emmi are characterized by the special refinery process in the Kaltbach caves. The KALTBACH cheeses are the most premium cheeses produced by Emmi and go through a very tough selection process before they are finally at your favorite cheese specialty store. We build a community website together with Emmi to communicate these special features of the different KALTBACH cheeses with people working in cheese specialty stores.

B2B marketing platform

Campaign Strategy & Services

The primary goal of the Meesters van KALTBACH platform is to provide people working in cheese specialty stores with all the information they need to inform their customers as good as possible about the different KALTBACH products and therefore make it easier to sell the products as well.

The platform consists of a website containing background information about the KALTBACH products, recipes, POS material and informative video content.


Web Design & Development

Building the Meesters van KALTBACH platform

Video production (by TOWEL)

Creating webinars and product videos to inspire and inform the target audience

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