Creating the Christmas feeling with Kaartje2go 

‘Zo leuk’ campaign with Kaartje2go

What’s more pleasant than receiving, or even better, giving a greeting card to your loved ones? Especially with Christmas! Together with Towel Media we launched the ‘Zo leuk’ campaign for Kaartje2go. In this Christmas-themed social video campaign we showed the satisfaction of giving and receiving a greeting card. The main goal of this campaign was not only to create more brand awareness, but also activate people to order their Christmas cards at Kaartje2go. Because with Christmas it’s not only about receiving, sometimes it’s so much more about giving.

Because giving and receiving a greeting card is so much fun!

Dynamic Content Creation

But how do you give people that Christmas feeling and activate them to order their Christmas cards at Kaartje2go? That’s why Towel Media made different videos. Besides the Christmas-themed ‘zo leuk’ commercial, they also made different tell-videos, where employees told about the benefits of Kaartje2go.

Once the first videos were ready, we started the advertising with a testing phase – we tested different versions of the videos and based on these insights (for example the retention percentage), we made new, custom videos that worked even better on the target audience. In total we made 10 different versions of the video. This is what we call ‘Dynamic Content Creation’. Besides advertising, we also did a brand study and with this study we got insight in the impact of the campaign on the brand awareness of Kaartje2go.

In total we distributed 250 ads at 4 different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest). And the best thing? The campaign not only was a big success, but also put a smile on peoples faces when they received the greeting card from Kaartje2go.


Dynamic Content Creation

Creating different versions of the Kaartje2go-videos to reach the best result

Adaptive & Sequential Social Advertising

On Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest

Brand Study

Measuring the impact of the campaign on the brand awareness of Kaartje2go

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