Getting people to visit Switzerland

Inside Switzerland with Switzerland Tourism

Fancy a vacation? Why not discover Switzerland? Together with Switzerland Tourism and Towel Media, we did the Inside Switzerland campaign between April and June 2019. The goal of this campaign was to inspire and encourage outdoor enthusiasts (and in particular cyclists and hikers) to visit Switzerland. Through interactive video, people were able to determine their own way through Switzerland together with influencers Puck Moonen and Louis Talpe. They took us on an epic journey through different Swiss regions to explore the different facets of this versatile country.

Inspire outdoor enthusiasts to discover Switzerland

Campaign Strategy & Services

Switzerland has so much to offer and the goal of the ‘Inside Switzerland’ campaign was to emphasize this. Together with two influencers, who were equally famous in both The Netherlands and Belgium, we travelled to Switzerland to discover the many areas of this beautiful country. 

But not everyone wants the same from their vacation, so why not let the viewer decide what they see? With the interactive video series the viewer had total control over what they were viewing. 

Besides the brandend content video series, we also made use of the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, influencers and portals. With these channels, we were able to direct the target audience (outdoor enthusiasts, hikers and cyclists and 30+ with high income) to the landing page, where they could watch the videos. We also entered into partnerships with online travel portals, that posted about Switzerland and included the interactive video. In total we made 172 creatives across 6 different platforms


Campaign Strategy

Conversion driven mediaplan including an online branded interactive video series

Adaptive & Sequential Social Advertising

On Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Portals

Social Content and Advertising

Creating and pushing a total of 172 creatives across 6 different platforms

Travel blogs with portals

Reach the target audience where they are with three relevant portals: TravelValley, The Hike and Ecktiv


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