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Happy Stories with Happy Labs

Happy Labs facilitates UX research for companies. For example, at Happy Labs you can have your app or website tested by real users and watch them at the same time from a different room. With more than 7000 respondents and locations in Amsterdam, The Hague and Groningen, the suitable candidate for your user test is always available. Happy Labs has enlisted the help of The Pool to increase its findability in search networks and on social media.

The UX-pert

Campaign Strategy & Services

To increase findability we have created a blog called; Happy Stories. Based on keyword research, we have determined topics that score well within the theme UX and we have written expert articles on those topics. This SEO strategy puts Happy Labs on various topics and keywords on page 1 of Google.

The blog articles were then posted on social media such as LinkedIn and boosted among relevant target groups. With this we generate more traffic and more bookings are made. Lastly, we send out a monthly e-mail to existing customers to keep them updated about the latest news in the field of UX research and Happy Labs in general.


Content Strategy

Creating brand awareness through well-written content

Social Media Strategy

Distributing the content the right way.


Co-writing the first of many awesome cases.

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