Selling e-bikes for the new generation

Go electric with WATT Mobility

Do you want to make your daily bike ride easier and more fun? Then you should buy a WATT e-bike. Although some people are convinced that electric bikes are only for the elderly, WATT Mobility proves that e-bikes also can be cool. So you don’t have to be embarrassed or worry that your friends will laugh at your new bike, because the WATT e-bikes are minimalistic, they have a vintage look and are perfect perfect for the city! Cycling will become a party. And that it’s electric? SO WATT!


Campaign Strategy & Services

The main goal of the collaboration is to sell as many e-bikes as possible within the target audience of people between 25 and 50 years old. That’s why we’ve created a conversion driven online marketing strategy. The three main aspects of this strategy consist of; social media advertising, Google advertising and (dynamic) content creation and advice.

With the existing content of WATT Mobility created by Beerquay, we created dynamic advertisements and new ads. Not only do we want to create visibility of WATT Mobility with the target audience by using cool and innovative ads, we also want to activate them to check out the website of WATT and eventually buy an e-bike. That’s why we’re testing with various ad formats and creatives to see what works best within the target audience. We’ve already optimized the advertising campaigns with new ads, placements and targeting which led to the first successes; the first bikes are already being sold through our advertising campaigns.

In the future we’ll keep on co-creating new content campaigns together with Beerquay and Watt Mobility. In addition we will constantly improve and add new advertising formats and ways to sell as much e-bikes as possible on a performance basis.


Campaign Strategy

Conversion driven media strategy

Dynamic Content Creation

Creating multiple versions of content for advertisements

Adaptive & Sequential Social Advertising

On Facebook, Instagram, Google Search and Shopping

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