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Get It Girl AMS launch

In April 2020, the Get It Girl AMS brand and its cosmetics products were launched in typical 2020 fashion. We teamed up with an army of young female influencers to take over the Instagram feeds and stories of thousands of Dutch and Flemish girls between the age of 13 and 17, led by Jaël Ost and Carlijn van Leeuwen. Get It Girl AMS is sold exclusively at Kruidvat stores, and

Launching the brand in 2020 fashion 

Campaign Strategy & Services

The goal of the campaign was to create brand awareness amongst the target audience and generate online and offline sales at Kruidvat. To familiarize the target audience with the brand we teamed up with 50 micro influencers and two big influencers within the target audience. They posted a combination of high quality content created by Towel combined with self generated content.

We started the launch with a brand video that was posted by the influencers and advertised through Instagram and YouTube to generate additional reach. Besides the brand video, other branded content was created as well such as; product photography, how-to-use videos and make-up looks videos. Finally, we developed an Instagram filter where the target audience could try the different shades of makeup themselves.


Campaign Strategy

Influencer driven mediaplan including online branded videocontent

Adaptive & Sequential Social Advertising

On Instagram and YouTube

Instagram AR filter

An augmented reality filter on Instagram to try out the different shades of make-up

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