Football made fun

Finding new members with

Footy is a unique concept that brings people together, gives an energetic boost and let’s you discover a revolutionary way to play football. Be done with training twice a week and matches at far away locations that take up your whole weekend.

Form a team with friends, colleagues, house mates, whoever you want! Pick a night of the week at a location that suits you and join a competition. Players don’t have to be registered or pay a yearly subscription fee like a traditional club.

Whether you choose 5v5, 6v6 or 7v7 football or even bubble football or archery tag, Footy has it all!

Activating people to join Footy 

Campaign Strategy & Services

The focus of the collaboration with Footy was finding new members in the different cities they are active.

We used the awareness-activation model to distribute the various campaigns. The first step was making new edits of the branded videos that were made by our friends at VideoBird. We created different versions of the videos for each city and directed as many interested people to the website as possible. In the activation phase we’ve retargeted the people who’ve shown most interest in the first phase to convert them.


Campaign Strategy

Conversion driven media strategy

Dynamic Content Creation

Using data sources to create activating and dynamic ads

Adaptive & Sequential Social Advertising

on Facebook and Instagram

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