Classic brand, new look

Meesterlijk Scheren with De Vergulde Hand

Sooner or later, a man has to shave. That’s why Master Barber Joucke gives tips and tricks about shaving, in the online branded content series ‘Meesterlijk Scheren’ by De Vergulde Hand and Towel Media. In the 4-episode series, Joucke uses De Vergulde Hands renewed products to show how-to-shave en take care of your skin, perfectly.

Activating people to buy De Vergulde Hand products 

Campaign Strategy & Services

The focus of the collaboration with De Vergulde Hand was to relaunch their products together with the new packaging in a new and cool way and thereby boost online and in-store sales. We distributed the Meesterlijk Scheren content series through Facebook, Instagram and YouTube amongst a male target audience. The target audience received the series very well with a very high engagement and view rate as a result. Besides generating brand awareness we also generated traffic to various sales partners of De Vergulde Hand to realize online conversions. And lastly we generated e-mail leads for the Meesterlijk Scheren platform to create engaged and loyal customers.


Campaign Strategy

Conversion driven media strategy

Dynamic Content Creation

Using video data to enhance the (video) campaign

Adaptive & Sequential Social Advertising

on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

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