Contemporary living with allure

De Ananas with De Raad Groep

Those who choose De Ananas are assured of a fantastic place to live on the edge of bustling Leiden, with space to relax within easy reach. Living in De Ananas is contemporary living with style. You can see that in everything. The architecture. The finish. The quality of the immediate environment.

Together with Towel Media and De Raad Groep we’ve launched a campaign to find people who are interested in buying a property in De Ananas. The media campaign was on performance basis meaning which means that we have set a number of goals (views, clicks, leads) in advance and guaranteed them within the available media budget.

Showing the beauty of De Ananas

Campaign Strategy & Services

To generate high quality leads as quick and cheap as possible we’ve used Towel Media’s high quality video in combination with the Touch-Tell-Sell method. We’ve distributed various video in three steps: generating brand awareness, informing and converting.

To make sure the leads where qualitative we’ve focussed on three main target audiences: Young Professionals, seniors and expats. We’ve made slight adjustments in the video content based on the audiences (e.g. the content for young professionals contained younger people).

The campaign was a big succes which has led to a nice overperformance within the predetermined media budget.


Campaign Strategy

Conversion driven mediaplan

Adaptive & Sequential Social Advertising

On Facebook and Instagram

Dynamic Content Creation

Creating and adapting multiple versions of content for advertisements


Campaign Results


Qualitative leads


Unique Reach



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