From a four to seven-figure revenue in 2 years

Award-winning e-commerce with Beverly Beethoven

After gaining popularity and fame through several TV appearances, business was booming at the physical Beverly Beethoven store at the prestigious Gelderlandplein mall in Amsterdam. But after several successful years, it was time for Beverly Beethoven to respon.  the changing market. In the summer of 2018 they decided to call in The Pool’s help to translate their offline store into an online store:

The collaboration with Beverly Beethoven goes further than an invoice for the work every month. We have been working on a performance basis since day 1 and together we ensure that we compete every month for a better result than the previous month. The hard work payed off because we are officially nominated for the Beste Webwinkel 2021 in the women’s clothing category by the Shopping Awards.

Online servicing from A to Z

Strategy & Services

The goal of our collaboration with Beverly Beethoven was to create a 360 online strategy including e-commerce & web development, social media (advertising), content creation and e-mail marketing.

E-commerce & web development

We started developing a brand new website that had to translate the cozy of the store into an online shop as much as possible. The most important must haves were that the appearance of the store was translated as much as possible to the online environment, that the website is easy to use for the target group (F 45-65) and that seasonal adjustments can be easily made so that the website looks different every month. Other important aspects were integrations with marketing and fulfillment platforms and ease of use when uploading new collections because new items are added to the store daily.

Social Media

In order to increase the following on social media and generate more website traffic, we have developed a content strategy in collaboration with the face of Beverly Beethoven, Alice. Parts of this strategy are product videos, competitions and monthly promotions where customers receive a gift every month with the order or can win something with an order.

In addition, we also started advertising on social media such as Facebook and Instagram immediately after the launch. These ads have scaled every month since that day and consistently deliver a positive return on investment for Beverly Beethoven.

Content creation

Besides creating content for the (dynamic) social ads we are also Beverly Beethoven’s main content partner. We create social (video) content, (online) commercials and the Weekly Vlog on the YouTube channel of Beverly Beethoven.

E-mail marketing

Lastly we launched a very successful e-mail marketing strategy around the Shop The Look concept. Every week we send 7 new outfits and an update of the most recent promotions and news to the ever-growing e-mail database. We continuously optimize the e-mails at open and click rates so that the e-mails also ensure conversion. To ensure that the email list continues to grow, we have integrations on the website and we launch multiple campaigns per year for the purpose of growing the email list.


Social Media Advertising

On Facebook & Instagram

Online Strategy

Conversion driven advertising and branding strategy

Content creation

Social content, Vlogs and (online) commercials

E-mail marketing

Creative and conversion driven e-mail marketing

Web design & Development

Beverly Beethoven's digital store

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