Getting people to jump on the felyx e-scooter 

Social content with felyx

felyx is a successful scale-up, offering shared electric scooters as a new and disrupting urban mobility concept. Their electric scooters are a fast, convenient and sustainable way to move through the city. The company is growing rapidly and their scooters are already available for use in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Brussels. Together with felyx, we want to activate users to jump on the e-scooter and drive to their destination in a sustainable way. So, we create inspiring, fun content and give them tips about lovely hotspots in their own city.

Making inspiring and fun felyx-content in 4 cities 

Content Strategy & Services

The main goal of the content for felyx is to inspire people to use the felyx, so what better way to do that, than to use the felyx ourselves and shoot some really cool content. So, we travelled to Amsterdam (not that far), Rotterdam, The Hague and Brussels and jumped on the felyx e-scooter to make the most beautiful and inspiring pictures.

Every month, we think of new concepts – concepts that fit perfectly within the season. For example, in the summer we launched the #felyxhotspots, which contained hotspots that are great to visit when the sun is out. This fall, we created #felyxgreenfavorites, which were green spots in every city, from a lovely city park to that really nice vegan breakfast spot.

Once we are done with shooting new content in every city, we create social posts, a blog and e-mails for every city. By using fun descriptions in combination with beautiful pictures, we activate users to grab a felyx to the felyx hotspots (and maybe their new favorite places)

Curious? Check out the blogs here. Maybe you’ll be the next to visit the hotspots, on the felyx of course!


Content Strategy

Creating concepts that are focused on longer and more rides on the scooters

Social Content Creation

Creation of social content for Instagram and Facebook


Writing fun blogs on the website of felyx to inspire users to jump on the felyx e-scooter


Inspire subscribers to use the felyx e-scooter in their city


Campaign Results


Delivered photos


Online Impressions



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